What Is Google Adsense – How Google Adsense Is Working

google adsense-today we’re gonna be answering the question what is Google Adsense ? How Google Adsense Is Working ?

What Is Google Adsense ?

so Google Adsense is the advertising program by Google where publishers or website owners YouTube creators can actually put ad code directly on their website and Google Adsense will fill that ad space and try to pick out as you can see here the right ads.

for your audience so rather than you trying to sell your ad space on your website you can see an example ad up here so a recipe website rather than trying to sell your own ad space you actually just work with Google Adsense you create an account you sign up you can sign up right with your Google account and once you’re confirmed all you do is add the advertising code directly to your website or you use it on your YouTube videos and you’re able to monetize your content.

so when people go to your website when people watch your videos you’re actually able to make money from the people that are visiting your website and you don’t have to worry about any of the heavy lifting in terms of selling ad space or anything like that Google Adsense does all the heavy lifting for you.

who should use Google Adsense ?

so website owners or YouTube creators should definitely be using Google Adsense of we have an example here so we own this website beachfront decor com this is an Adsense ad right at the top here so rather than us trying to work with advertisers and trying to fill the ad space Google Adsense just fills it for us if you click on it you can see ad choices up here at the top.

if you scroll down to the bottom of the article this is another ad here and then also this ad at the bottom so these are both ads Google Adsense and Google fills this ad space so you can see powered by Google right up here so this is an ad buy house this is an ad buy wayfarer and this is an ad buy light ology and you can tell it’s a beach decor related website so they’re serving very very targeted ads that are gonna reach people who are more likely to click them.

How Google Adsense Ads Are Showing

Google Adsenseads are gonna show on your website wherever you put ad code. so over here we have an Amazon Prime code so if we were to switch that out with Google Adsense code. then that ad would show on our website so this ad is here.underneath our article because we decided to put ad code here at the bottom and put this exact ad unit here in addition to this one below it.so this is an entire ad this is a matched unit ad matched content in this one down here is just your standard banner ,responsive, display ad so Google Adsense is gonna fill this with whoever this works for the most so you’re gonna see different ads than I do.

Why We Need To Use Google Adsense

because Google Adsense is constantly polling user data and trying to figure out how to best serve ads to get people the best user experience possible. so really it’s a win-win for everybody because website owners don’t have to worry about you know all the heavy lifting involved with making money from advertising and Google Adsense. can actually serve ads to people that they know are more likely to click them so why do I use Google Adsense so it’s really the ease one of the easiest ways to monetize your website.

they have this will kind of go into the why and how so all you really do is select the type of ad you want on your website so text and display ads text ads you know link units rich media ads they have a lot of different ad formats. they’re actually continuously releasing them so they keep changing and all you do is you put where your ads. one of these so maybe you want to put at the top of your content and to the side of your content so everything else is around here you watch the highest. paying ads go live so rather than you working with this moped company.

How Google Adsense Working ?

in this you know perfect kiss company in this jazz a nightly company all these advertisers are using Google AdWords to target their ads and they actually auction off your ad space and the advertisers are fighting to get your ad space and it’s gonna be the highest paying ad so very very complex but they use a whole system with ad rank where they’re serving up ads that are gonna be the you know highest paying so that means you get the most money and also most targeted towards your users and last but not least leave the money stuff to us.

so every time someone clicks on your ad for Google so someone sees your ad they click on it you get paid they keep track of all your money they keep track of all your billing you’ll get a check at the end of the month or you can do direct deposit so very very simple all you do is add it your website so we have it here right at the top of this article nautical-themed lamps and right at the bottom of the article we have another article or another ad space here and this is a matched content ad from Google Adsense so really that’s all you need to do is make sure you’re driving traffic to your website.

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